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Merryweather | Gunrunning Missions

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This script brings a new method of earning money for your players by adding a PVE method of selling items. It also incorporates new items which can be obtained and sold using the Merryweather laptop.

Main features

  • Customizable items which can be sold to Merryweather
  • Custom UI based laptop
  • Random sell locations all around the map
  • Random events during the sales
  • Events where NPC's chase/shoot players (Can be easily customized)
  • Detailed NPC's with animations
  • Easily customizable locations, events etc.
  • Progression (Players with more previous sales will earn more)
  • Stats saving
  • Players can pickup and repair items which then can be sold to Merryweather (we also recommend adding your own items to be sold at Merryweather (exclusively or at a better price))

(Almost everything is customizable from the config files)

How collection works:

A collection site is marked on the map and around that location are multiple points where players can collect the items. Each point has an amount of items and when a player collects them all, they will have to go to a different point to find more parts. Parts are infinitely regenerated once players pick them up, so there are no worries about not being able to obtain parts.

After the player has collected all the parts they want, they will need to drive to one of the repair locations.

How repairing works:

The player will enter a repairing location and press E, which will determine if the player manages to repair the item or not. The default value for this is a 50% chance of successfully repairing the item and increases every time an item is repaired. The stats are saved in the database and everything is configurable in the config file. By default, the player reaches max level of repairing after 400 successful repairs. At the max level, the player has an 80% chance of a successful repair (instead of the base 50%).

After the player has repaired all their parts, they will have to either use their laptop (item) or drive to a public laptop location where all players can access. On the laptop, players can check their stats (amount of successful repairs and successful sales). Within the config file, there are a couple text files which can be customised to include easter eggs or useful in-game information to allow players to maintain RP (such as info about bank robberies or drugs etc).

How selling works:

The main purpose of the laptop is arranging sales with Merryweather.  Players will have to pay an upfront fee ($1000 by default, editable in config) to arrange a sale with Merryweather. Once the fee is paid, the sale will be processed and players will receive a notification/message from Merryweather informing them that the transaction has been received. After about 30 seconds, players will receive a second message telling them that the sale has been arranged and it will become marked on their map (random location from a list). Players will have to drive there to make the sale. At the location, there will be an NPC and their vehicle. Players can interact with that NPC and sell different items to them (by default just Merryweather parts, can be edited in config.lua). Once the player reaches 10 sales, they will be able to purchase the Merryweather laptop from the NPC. When the player is done with buying and selling, they will have to finalize the transaction which will make the NPC get in their car and drive away. At that point, the stat of players' successful sales will also be updated.

Random events:

Each time the player makes a sale, there is a chance of a random event occurring (odds and events are editable).

Events revolve around a group of NPCs attempting to kill the player who made the sale (they will not shoot any other players unless aggravated by them). The event type is selected at random. Events can be edited and more events can be added in the config.

A few event examples:

- "Fast 'n Furious": a group of sports cars will chase you down while shooting with pistols from their vehicles

- "Motorcycle Club": a group of bikers will chase you down on their bikes (or an MC van) and they will also attempt to shoot you

- "Helicopter chase": an armed helicopter will chase you while the gunman will attempt to shoot you (with a pistol so low damage but difficult to outrun, can also be edited to make it more difficult etc.)

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