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Diving | Item collection

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Put on your scuba gear, get a boat, take it out to the sea and dive down into the depths of the ocean. Explore vessels long forgotten by time and uncover hidden treasures worth fortunes and find possible new equipment to aid in your deep sea adventures. You’ll be surprised how much gets lost off the coast of Los Santos, and it’s all ripe for the taking. 

Now of course, being in possession of trinkets isn’t gonna get you that new fancy ride. Find yourself the seller, preferably one with interest in your specific wares.  

Main features:

  • Several treasure hot spots

  • Valuable rare items

  • Many collectors around the map

  • Unlockable tools

Everything included in this script is customizable and can be turned on or off. 

Several treasure hot spots

All along the shores you will find wrecked ships, planes, and other sunken load carrying vehicles. Explore these points of interest and uncover suitcases, crates and boxes filled to the brim with sellable objects. 

Valuable rare items

You’ll never know what you can find at the bottom of the ocean. Get lucky and uncover an ancient artifact for huge profits.

Many collectors around the map

Not all treasure is created equally, but everything has a price. Find the right buyer for your wares, and maximize your profits.

Unlockable tools 

Sometimes you need to dig a little harder to find the real valuables. Find the right tools, and break open even the strongest of containers. 

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