Islands Generator

17.50 EUR


The script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

Game build of 2189+ is required for the foliage to work

Servers using maps such as Liberty City may have issues rendering the islands correctly due to missing textures and objects

This script lets you create as many unique islands as you wish. Simply define the coordinates in the config file and restart the script; the beautiful island will be spawned automatically. If the island does not look like you'd want it to look like simply change the seed and try again. 

This script is perfect to add more land to your game. Amazing for drug/smuggling roleplay, exploration/scavenging for secret items (which you could add to the islands) and much more

Main features

  • Works on any server
  • Fully standalone
  • Highly optimized code
  • Custom island models
  • Procedurally generated islands (seed based)
  • Have as many islands as you want
  • Customizable foliage that spawns on the islands
  • Perfect for secret drug locations, events, special NPCs and roleplay
  • Different island sizes
  • Comes pre-configured with 8 islands

Script which allows players to purchase private islands including a customizable mansion is coming soon. Stay tuned


A distance of ~900 meters between each island is required as it's not recommended to render more than 1 island at a time due to object count limitations.

Islands Generator [Standalone, ESX, QBCore] FiveM Script Thumbnail