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Private Islands

âś“ Customizable
âś“ Player owned
âś“ Procedurally generated

Give your players a unique and exclusive way to show off their wealth and creativity

60.00 EUR 51.00 EUR


The script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

Game build of 2189+ is required for the foliage to work

Servers using maps such as Liberty City may have issues rendering the islands correctly due to missing textures and objects

This script introduces a unique feature to your server - private islands! Using our procedural generation technology, each island is generated dynamically, ensuring that no two islands are the same (unless you want them to be. This is a seed based system). Players can purchase a private island and enjoy the freedom and luxury of owning their own customizable mansion on their own piece of land.

Additionally, players can opt to purchase optional upgrades such as a helipad, garage stocked with vehicles, lounge sets, boats, and much more to enhance their island experience and make it really theirs. Our script seamlessly integrates with your server and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Offer your players the ultimate luxury experience in your FiveM server by adding private islands to your server today. Our script will allow you to stand out from the competition and provide a unique and enjoyable experience for your players.

Main features:

  • Player owned islands
  • Procedurally generated islands (based on the config)
  • Customizable mansions (repaint exterior & interior)
  • Technically an infinite amount of islands can be spawned (config defined locations) 
  • Optional structures can be purchased on the island, such as: helipad, lounge sets, garages with vehicles, docks and much more
    • More could be added  quite easily through editable(config) files
  • Many custom models
  • Add as many islands as you want
  • Highly optimized & secured against abuse

> Is this script compatible with ESX/QBCore?
Yes, this script works for both, ESX and QBCore (any versions)

> Can I manually assign island ownership to a player (Specific VIPs for example?)
Totally! This script comes with a special command which enables just that! simply use /setIslandOwner [player id] [island name] to gift someone an island

> How many islands can I have on my server?
You could have as many islands as you wish, just make sure that they're at least 900 meters away from each other and not located too close to the city/main land

> What does the resource usage look like?
At idle this script runs at 0.00 - 0.01ms. It only jumps while rendering in new islands (usually 2 seconds)

> Are the customizations saved?
Yes, everything is saved. Even the door open/close state is saved and synced between all players

> How do the garages/docks replenish?
When a player arrives at the island and the garage/dock is empty new vehicles will spawn seamlessly


A distance of ~900 meters between each island is required as it's not recommended to render more than 1 island at a time due to object count limitations.

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