Placeable items [ESX + QB]

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The script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

This script requires OneSync

Placeable items allows your players to place down any inventory item as a physical object in the world. This will overhaul your entire servers experience and take it to a higher level. Just imagine, your players trafficking drugs, but instead of  it being invisible inside their inventory, it's openly visible to the public in the back of their pimped out pickup truck. Hopefully no police officer will see them on their route. 

Easily define the model per each item.

Now not only item can be dropped or given but also placed and transported in their physical 3d form. 

> Optionally you can add "Place" option to your inventory system. This isn't necessary as the script comes with its own menu for placing props (F4 by default)

Main features

  • ESX + QB
  • Highly optimized code
  • Extreme configurability (Change the total look and feel of the script)
  • Ability to place any item
  • qb-target, qtarget, ox_target support (Optional)
  • Place items on vehicles
  • Items stay attached to the vehicles
  • Not abusable (Entire logic is server sided)
  • Smooth and clean placement method
  • Define model per item
  • Ability to place all inventory items through fallback models
  • Items fall out of vehicles when flipped
  • Seamless integration with many popular inventory systems (Easy to implement into your custom system)
  • Improves realism
  • Items synchronised between players in real time 
  • Saves item metadata when using qb-inventory

⚠ Items can only be placed on the ground, static objects or open cars such as pickup trucks, or semi trucks with big open trailers







Add "Place" option to your inventory system. Guide

> Default config file <