Car dyno [Standalone, ESX, QBCore] | FiveM Script by KuzQuality

Car dyno

âś“ Performance measurement
âś“ Custom props
âś“ Displays on 3d screens
âś“ Discord integration

Every tuner's dream. Allow your players to measure their cars performance

30.00 EUR 25.50 EUR


These scripts are partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

These scripts requires OneSync

This script allows players to drive any car onto a dyno and find out the torque and horsepower of the car. A graph with the results is displayed in real-time on tv screens which can be placed anywhere. The script is responsive to any tuning modifications whether it's vanilla GTA tuning or by an installed script. 

This script also has Discord webhook integration so dyno results can be saved, viewed and shared remotely through Discord. The script comes with custom dyno models of various colours and can be placed anywhere you want. 

The script can also be used on existing dynos by adding to the config the location of the existing dyno. Each dyno can be configured to be only used by a player with a specific job.  

Main features

  • Standalone usage (No framework required!)
  • Realistic data output (horsepower and torque)
  • Multiple custom dyno props
  • Synchronised in real time between all players
  • Discord webhook to automatically save all Dyno sheets
  • (ESX/QBCore) Job whitelisting
  • nm or lb-ft units for the torque
  • Highly customizable
  • Ability to use MLO built-in dynos
  • Real time graph in 3d monitors/tv's
  • Multiple displays per dyno possible
  • No dependency or api keys needed

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