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Animation suggestions

âś“ Randomized animations
âś“ Smart detection of surroundings
âś“ Seamless usage

Let your players express themselves like never before. Bring life to roleplay scenarios

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This script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

This script requires OneSync

Animation Suggestions is an Standalone FiveM Script which introduces dynamic actions based on your surroundings. This script auto-detects various in-game situations and suggests animations accordingly.  Certain animations will even automatically align the player with the object that the player is interacting with. 

Being a standalone script, it works without any framework necessary. This means that it will work on ESX, QBCore and any other

Main features

  • Standalone usage (No framework required!)
  • Seamless start and stop
    • Press one keybind to automatically play the suggested animation
    • Simply start walking off to stop it
  • Many custom detections events
  • Automatic alignment for animations
  • Animations based on props
  • Animations based on location (coordinates)
  • Synchronised animations between all players
  • Trigger events upon animation start
  • Spawn props/tools for the animations
  • Highly customizable
  • Good performance (0.00-0.01 @ idle, 0.01-0.03 when stationary and able to perform an animation)

List of events:

  • Idle 
    • May be used anywhere. Active after the player has been stationary for 4 or more seconds
  • Lean
    • Leaning when something is directly behind the player (wall, vehicle etc.)
  • Leaning on a bar
    • Leaning forward when something is directly in front the player but not higher up than their chest (bar etc.)
  • Sitting 
    • Sitting down when something is located behind the player below their waist (walls, stairs, chairs etc.)
  • Intimidation 
    • General intimidation gestures. Active for few seconds after player has been in melee combat
  • Showing pain 
    • Shows that the player is hurt. Active when player has below 60% of their health
  • Car inspection
    • Inspects cars engine/trunk. Active when player is looking at an engine bay or trunk which is open
  • Car cheering
    • Cheering/clapping. Active when player is looking at a car performing a burnout or drifting
  • Greeting
    • Waving hello. Active when a player is looking at another player whom he hasn't greeted before in the last 15 minutes

Specific suggestions:

  • Location specific animations
    • Define an area using coordinates and a radius in which certain animations will be suggested. Useful for places such as clubs, bars, restaurants etc. Add as many as you want
  • Prop specific animations
    • Assign certain animations to props. Sitting on a chair, digging through the trash, drinking a beer etc. You can add as many as you want

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