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About us

Who are we?

 Kuzkay - Owner - Head developer

As a dedicated full-time web developer with a passion for gaming roleplay since 2015, I bring extensive experience to the FiveM script community. My journey began in 2017 when I created my first FiveM script. Over the years, I've proudly released several scripts that have collectively garnered over 100,000 downloads.

fee4e835dd8901b3b35bcc79817441bbafbf4b65.png Hanz - Video - Developer 

As a video editor and developer at KuzQuality.com, I'm at the intersection of creativity and technology. With a deep-rooted passion for video games and a lifelong fascination with computing, I'm dedicated to bringing innovative ideas to life through multimedia.

Our scripts

Our scripts are meticulously crafted with a focus on quality rather than quantity. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in every script we produce. Our rigorous testing procedures guarantee both stability and functionality. Additionally, we prioritize script efficiency by adhering to the DRY principle, thereby minimizing unnecessary code calls and ensuring optimal performance

(Unless stated otherwise) Our scripts are obfuscated and authenticated using  FiveM Escrow to insure safety for the server owner as well as us to make sure that the code stays where it belongs.

Refund policy

Any purchases made within 14 days (exlucing giftcards and subscriptions) are eligible for a  "no questions asked" refund.
For purchases that have exceeded the 14 day period refunds will be reviewed on case-to-case basis and only given in exceptional situations.

Final decisions are within KuzQuality's discretion.