Car Heist

27.50 EUR


The script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

A totally new take on heists. Players will need to act quickly as these heists can't really be planned.  Once the opportunity comes you'll need to act on it. The truck transporting valuable vehicles will spawn and drive to its destination. During that time players can attempt to rob it. There's many ways that could be done, they simply do a drive by killing the driver, use a heavy vehicle to ram the truck off the road or even use a bike to jump onto the trailer while it's moving!

After players manage to pull over or get onto the truck they'll need to open the rear ramp, which isn't as easy as it may sound. These trailers have been reinforced to allow for "safe" transport of valuable vehicles. It will take a while to get them open (minigame)

Once the trailer ramp finally opens the vehicles are free to take. But it's not over. All of the transported vehicles come with trackers which will share their locations with the local PD.

There's 6 different positions on each vehicle where the tracker can be found, players will need to find the tracker and unscrew it (minigame)
Once removed it will still share it's location with the local PD until batteries last.

The vehicles can now be driven to a drop off point in order to be exchanged for money. (Or whatever you want them to receive, those functions are unobfuscated)

Main features

  • Never seen before heist
  • Many routes which the trucks can take
  • Tons of possibilities of pulling off the heist
  • Ability to jump onto the trailer off of a bike while it's still moving
  • Alerting the police (All police alerts are unobfuscated)
  • Mini-games which make the heist more involving
  • Auto spawn of the truck
  • Support vehicle with security following the truck (can be disabled)
  • NPC have weapons to defend themselves making it a challenge even without the player police (can be disabled)
  • Trackers get obfuscated(get less accurate) while in a tunnel/underground (can be disabled)
  • Insanely high amount of customization which can be done through the config file
  • High script performance (0.00 ms at idle, ~0.03 when near the heist truck)

Car Heist [ESX, QBCore] FiveM Script Thumbnail