Drift Tires

17.50 EUR


The script is encrypted using FiveM Escrow
All framework functions are public as well as few functions such as ones for drawing 3d text etc.

Bring the amazing world of drifting to your city. With this script you can turn pretty much any car into a drift monster (well, as long as its not FWD, you may need some fast food trays for that)

Featuring highly expansive and configurable tire swapping system. Your mechanics will no longer just change some values through 2d menus. It's time to get to work. Equipping tires and drifting is one thing, but this script doesn't stop there. It also comes with a built-in shop system to purchase the necessary items such as the car jack and different types of tires. To allow further fine tuning of the tire and the handling of the vehicle you are able to drive up to any air compressor (most gas stations and workshops already have them) to air in or air out of your tires to increase or decrease the traction.

This script does not alter the handling.meta of the vehicle but rather achieves the drifting physics using different in-game scripting functions and math resulting in a highly realistic script which also is compatible with pretty much any other script that may alter the vehicles handling & performance. 

Main features

  • Equip drift tires to any car
  • Does not make the cars go any faster than with normal tires unlike most drift scripts
  • Fun & engaging wheel changing process including several mini-games
  • Realistic wheel balancing mini-game using a custom made wheel balancer machine
  • Drift tires as well as the tire pressure gets saved in the database
  • Compatible with: ESX, QBCore as well as usable as a standalone script using commands instead of items
  • API file where you can access different functions that get fired whenever something happens
  • High script performance: 0.00 - 0.01 ms when not interacting with the script
  • Ability to whitelist or blacklist certain vehicle classes from being swapped (Emergency etc.)
  • Super realistic drifting physics
  • Ability to change the tire pressure to further fine tune the cars handling/traction
  • Everything synced between players
  • Very light weight on the server as the script uses state bags for almost everything
  • Built-in 3d shop system
  • kq_carlift  integration
  • Works on modded vehicles
  • Highly customizable through config and exposed functions
  • Update 1.1.0 qtarget & qb-target support (optional)

Script performance:
RX5700xt |R5 3600x | 32gb@3600

0.00 - 0.01 ms when not interacting with the script

0.01 - 0.03 ms while driving in a vehicle with drift tires

0.03 - 0.14 ms while changing the tires, balancing etc. (3d text takes the most of this)

Drift Tires [Standalone, ESX, QBCore] FiveM Script Thumbnail

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