Smugglers Plane Heist [ESX, QBCore] | FiveM Script by KuzQuality

Smugglers Plane Heist

âś“ Many preperation steps
âś“ Highly configurable
âś“ Integrated dispatch
âś“ Different crash locations

Bring an original and exciting heist to your server. Guaranteed to keep the entire server engaged

30.00 EUR 25.50 EUR


The script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

This script requires `kq_lootareas` (Free)  (Will be added to your Keymaster automatically upon the purchase of this script)

Introducing Smugglers Heist, the most thrilling multiplayer experience for your FiveM server. In this high-stakes heist, players must work together to plan and execute the heist of a lifetime.

The adventure begins when players come across a mysterious stranger in Sandy Shores who will provide them with a crucial hint for the heist. Players must then search the scrapyard near Sandy Shores for radio encoders, which will be key to their success.

Next, players must head to the ATC in Sandy Shores airfield and use the hint to access the computer and scan the airspace for the smuggling plane. The plane can crash in many different locations, and it can be carrying a variety of illegal goods such as drugs, tobacco products, or even ivory and illegal furs. Players will then receive the IP address of the plane, which they must share with another player who is waiting at any radio tower in Sandy Shores.

The player at the radio tower must use the radio encoder and the IP address to hack the plane and bring it down. Once the hack is successful, the player will receive the GPS coordinates of the crash site. Both players must then race to the crash site to loot the plane for money and other valuable items.

But the excitement doesn't end there - the police will also be notified and will investigate the scene. They can secure the area to prevent the robbers from looting the plane, and if they are successful, they will receive a monetary bonus. Players must use their cunning and quick thinking to evade the police and successfully complete the heist.

With its dynamic gameplay and intense action, Smugglers Plane Heist is a must-have for any FiveM server. Get it now and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Main features

  • Exciting heist with multiple steps
  • ESX & QB support
  • Optional support for target systems such as: ox_target, qtarget and qb-target
  • Highly optimized code
  • EXTREME Configurability through the config file
  • Support for existing dispatch systems: ps-dispatch, core-dispatch (old & new), cd-dispatch
  • Built in police dispatch system
  • Everything synced between the players. From the ATC screen to the loot spawned around the plane. Everything is synced
  • Unique hacking mini-game
  • Unique hint(cardboard) item
  • Plane crash securing system for police (with a monetary reward for nearby officers (optional))
  • Buyer NPC's for all the items
  • 5 different pre-configured crash locations where the plane may crash (more can be added)
  • All radio towers in Blaine County can be used for hacking the plane (using the radio encoder)
  • Can be easily adapted to work with other frameworks as all framework files are small and public
  • Included item icons for all the items

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