Smash 'n grab

12.50 EUR


The script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

This script requires OneSync

Smash 'n grab will allow your players to loot random NPC vehicles. You can configure the % of vehicles which spawn with loot inside as well as the different loot. You can break the window in any way; as long as the window is broken you'll be able to loot it.

Main features

  • ESX + QB
  • Highly optimized code
  • Extreme configurability (Change the odds, loot and models of the loot)
  • Works on all npc vehicles
  • Loot spawns in different seats
  • Different loot models linked with different loot tables
  • Loot items and/or money
  • Optional, built in dispatch system as well as support for: cd-dispatch, core-dispatch and ps-dispatch

Smash 'n grab [ESX, QBCore] FiveM Script Thumbnail