Realistic offroad physics [Standalone, ESX, QBCore] | FiveM Script by KuzQuality

Realistic offroad physics

âś“ Fully synchronized
âś“ Works on all vehicles
âś“ Depth & traction simulation

No longer allow players to traverse mountains & muddy terrain in their super cars

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The script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

This script requires OneSync

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Realistic offroad physics. This FiveM script brings the world of offroading to your FiveM server. No longer will players be able to drive any car on any terrain. Cars will sink into mud, sand, dirt, or any soft materials in general; making it much more difficult to traverse difficult terrains with vehicles not meant for that. Each material has its own parameters such as: depth, softness and traction.  

Depth: Changes how deep vehicles can sink into the material. The deeper the vehicle sinks, the more difficult it will be to keep driving, and might even lead to certain vehicles getting stuck in deep surfaces such as mud or deep wet sand for example. 

Softness: This value affects how fast vehicles will sink into the material. For example, materials like gravel or dry sand might be deep, but they're also harder, so vehicles should not sink in those too quickly. Now, looking at materials such as wet sand or swampy mud, those are soft, meaning that vehicles will sink in them much faster. 

Traction: This changes how much traction vehicles have on said surface. Surfaces with less traction will cause vehicles to lose traction causing vehicle acceleration, braking and turning to suffer. Vehicles will start skidding when taking turns quickly on such materials.

Main features:

  • Surface depth
  • Vehicles will visually sink into the surface
  • Loss of traction on slippery surfaces
  • Highly realistic handling for each vehicle type and class
  • Seamless and optimized synchronization for each player
  • Insanely configurable
  • Super low resource usage
  • Fully standalone (no dependencies)
  • Many factors used to calculate vehicle performance, such as:
    • Suspension height
    • Wheel size
    • Driven wheels (AWD or not)
    • Weight
    • Wheel count
    • Weather
    • Vehicle class
    • Off-road tires

This script will absolutely overhaul the entire driving dynamic on your server. Players will need to think twice before choosing to go off-road. Cars not made for off-roading have a high likely hood of getting stuck if the player is inexperienced in off-road driving. Needless to say, with this script, you'll be able to ditch the "No GTA/Offroad driving" server rule. Now only real off-road vehicles will be able to handle the most difficult obstacles.

Realistic offroad physics does not modify the vehicle runtime handling meta, making it compatible with basically all resources.

Perfect with our "Towing & Winching" resource 


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