Towing and winching

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This script requires OneSync

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Towing & winching. With this FiveM Script you will be able to tow and winch any vehicle. You can attach the ropes to vehicles and world objects such as trees or rocks.

Main features:

  • Standalone functionality (no framework necessary, usage through commands)
  • ESX & QBCore item support
  • ESX & QBCore job whitelist per item
  • Highly configurable
  • Tow vehicles with players inside
  • Tow vehicles without anyone inside them (custom autopilot system to steer and brake the towed car)
  • Winch to any object (any rock, tree, bush etc.)
  • Winch to other vehicles
  • Precise rope placement system
  • Highly optimized code

Perfect with our "Realistic offroad physics" resource 


Towing and winching [Standalone, ESX, QBCore] FiveM Script Thumbnail

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