Bike Jump Ability

10.00 EUR


This script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

Introducing the Bike Jump Ability script for FiveM! Get ready to amp up your fivem server with our new fully standalone script. Leap from motorbikes, scooters, quad bikes, and even jet skis - it's all about timing and skill. Land on moving vehicles, bust through windows, and hop inside. Just be careful - one wrong move and you could find yourself kissing the pavement. Take your FiveM servers stunts to the next level with Bike Jump Ability script!

Main features

  • Standalone usage (No framework required!)
  • Jump from any configured vehicle or class
  • Land on vehicle roofs
  • Walk and hold onto the roofs
  • Falling off the roof upon hard acceleration/deacceleration (crash, hard braking etc.)
  • Highly customizable
  • Good performance (0.00 @ idle)


(Using default config)

While on a moving bike, press `G`. This will enable the "Jump mode".
When the jump mode is enabled you can hold `Left mouse button` or `Right mouse button` to prepare for a jump.  After letting go of the mouse button, you will perform the jump to that direction.

Auto-jump: When in the "Jump mode", look at a vehicle that's travelling at a similar speed and direction.
If the vehicle is within your jump range, you will see a keybind hint allowing you to press `E` to perform a jump onto the vehicle. This doesn't guarantee the jump to be successful at all times, it simply makes it easier. But the player still needs to think when to jump. This "Auto-jump" feature can be disabled via the `config.lua` file.

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