Advanced ped looting [ESX, QBCore] | FiveM Script by KuzQuality

Advanced ped looting

✓ Highly configurable
✓ Perfect for survival & roleplay servers
✓ Loot synchronised between players

Overhaul your ped looting system. Configure any ped to drop loot

12.50 EUR


This script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

Advanced ped looting script will allow players to set loot props which will drop when a ped is killed and can be collected by the player. This script works for any ped entity. Loot tables can be defined for a specific NPC type such as animals or gang type NPCs. You can also specify loot for a particular ped model such as zombie ped models. This script can be incorporated into other scripts by using an export where you give the entity ID so you can set a custom loot drop for that ped. You can optionally configure the script to also have peds drop loot when they ragdoll instead of just when they die

Main features

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth item pickup animation
  • Make money and items lootable
  • Set specific loot tables for specific ped groups (Gangs, animals, businessmen etc.)
  • Set specific loot tables on peds model
  • Use a custom export function to set a loot table for a specific entity(ped)

Resource usage:

  • Idle: 0.00ms
  • Near a dropped loot item: 0.01ms
  • May get higher when rendering 3d text

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